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Orthotics is the science and practice of assessing, measuring and fitting of orthoses to assist weakened joints, realign joints, to support and reduce pain.

What is an Orthotist?

Orthotists are registered healthcare professionals, who use an orthosis to support, align, prevent or correct deformities and/or weaknesses in moveable parts of the body.

What is an Orthosis?

An Orthosis (pl. orthoses) is an externally applied device used to modify the structural or functional characteristics of the body.

Our team of orthotists, who mainly work in hospitals as part of a multi-disciplinary team, including Consultants, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists. Team members refer patients to the orthotist for assessment and treatment.


All our Orthotists are HPC Registered and are experienced in assessing patients for all types of orthoses including:-

  • Footwear
  • Drop Foot Supports
  • Knee Braces
  • Ankle/Foot Supports
  • Spinal Supports

The orthotic assessment will identify your particular requirement with regard to your condition and presenting problem.

The orthotist will then make a recommendation on the correct treatment required based on the history taken and assessment results.

The orthotic prescription will always be made with the full agreement of the patient.


Measurements are taken of the body to enable an orthosis to be chosen.

Through our sister company Orthotix, we keep a very comprehensive range of ready made orthoses. If suitable, these can be fitted immediately.

If the orthosis needs to be fabricated the patient is seen again for fitting. In either case, the orthosis is applied to the body and checked for comfort and function. Advice is given to the patient regarding wearing and adapting to the new orthosis.


  • Sports braces - including knee, ankle etc
  • Collars and neck braces
  • Back supports
  • Hernia supports
  • Upper & lower limb supports
  • Pressure relieving & corrective insoles
  • Paediatric splints & footwear
  • All types of footwear to accommodate any type of foot


Stuart Rees
Prosthetist/Orthotist Bsc (Hons)
Product Development Manager
Joined Dacey in 2007 after obtaining a BSc (hons) at Salford University, Manchester. Stuart is HPC registered and his clinical responsibilities include paediatric and adult orthotic services within the public and private sector. Stuart is also responsible for finding and developing new and current ‘off the shelf’ and specialist orthoses in order for the most effective and affordable products to be available to our clients.
Howard Whitfield
H.N.D. in Orthotics/Prosthetics         
Diploma in Orthotics             
Diploma of Licentiate Orthotist
Senior Orthotist
Howard joined the Company in 2005 after working as a Senior Orthotist in Morriston Hospital, Swansea. Howard is HPC registered and has extensive experience in all aspects of Orthotic Service Provision and has worked closely with Orthopaedic Surgeons in connection with the rehabilitation of patients after surgery. He has also focused on Paediatric Orthotics and has been an active member of a multi disciplinary team specialising in diabetes care.
Sarah Hebblethwaite
H.N.D. in Orthotics/Prosthetics
Diploma in Orthotics
Diploma of Licentiate Orthotist
Senior Orthotist
Sarah originally worked for Dacey Ltd for 11 years and rejoined the company in 2013 following some time spent concentrating on paediatric work. She is HPC registered and has 20 years of experience working in Orthotics. Sarah has previously worked as Lead Orthotist in the Worcester area and enjoys the full range of orthotics work available. She particularly enjoys working closely within a team environment, loves paediatrics and the challenges associated with acute orthotic work.
Steven Hunt
Orthotic Services Manager
Joined the company in June 1995 after previously working ’in-house’ as a Senior Orthotist at North Staffs Health Authority.  Steve is a member of the British Association of Prostetists and Orthotists and HPC registered. He has vast and varied experience in all aspects of Orthotic Service Provision, but is also a clinical specialist orthotist in paediatrics and biomechanics. Responsibilities include co-ordinating and developing both, orthotist training and NHS staff training, development and implementation of service protocols, orthotist appraisals, clinical audit and service contract management.
Angharad Rich
Prosthetist/Orthotist Bsc (Hons)
Senior Orthotist
Joined Dacey in 2003 after worked as a Prosthetist in Exeter and Swansea. Angharad  is HPC registered  and her clinical responsibilities include paediatric and adult orthotic services within the public and private sector.
Angharad is also a fluent Welsh speaker.
William Kinghorn
Diploma in Othotics (1983)
Diploma of Licentiate Orthotist
Senior Orthotist
William is a HPC registered Orthotist and has worked in Orthotics for over 30years, having clinics throughout the UK and Ireland. Working as Lead Orthotist in Worcestershire during the last 10 years.
Previous experience has included Scoliosis Bracing, Educational Training and guest lecturer at Salford University.
Currently working mainly with adult neurological conditions, general orthopaedic and as part of a multi disciplinary diabetic team.

Alan Davies-Llewellyn
Diploma in Othotics (1981)
Post Graduate courses include: Advance Functional Foot Orthotics, Parawalker Supply, ORLAU VCG & MHM50 Swivel Walker and Boston Scoliosis Bracing System.
Senior Orthotist
Alan came to work for Dacey in 1989 and is a HPC registered Orthotist. Previously worked for Remploy as a Lead Clinician, Alan has over 30 years experience working in Orthotics. Experienced guest educational speaker for practice nurses, GPs, physiotherapy students and departments. Guest lecturer for the Diabetic Association and at the International Paediatric Physiotherapy Convention.

Chris Law
BSc (Hons) Sports Science
NSCA Strength and Condition (CSCS) Coach
BSc (Hons) Prosthetics and Orthotics

Chris is our newest recruit and recently joined Dacey in 2013 after acquiring a BSc (Hons) in Prosthetics and Orthotics from Salford University. Chris is a HCPC registered professional who previously worked in the health and fitness sector as a CSCS strength and conditioning coach and delivered inspired fitness and nutrition around the north west of England. His ambition is to fulfil delivering the same high standards within the health care sector.


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