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Bespoke Manufacturing


Dacey Ltd has been manufacturing Bespoke footwear since 1972.

We manufacture bespoke, modular and stock footwear - all available in a vast choice of styles and colours. Our bespoke service also includes complex cast work.

Our Celtic range of modular footwear has five different last widths and provides a cost effective bridge between stock and bespoke footwear.

Many of our uppers are produced using sophisticated CAD/CAM technology, although the complex ones are still hand cut. At Dacey's we close all our own uppers.

Much of the modular footwear production is now mechanized, however, the more complex footwear is still hand lasted.

Sole units are used for our modular range, but the more complex are hand finished.

As a point of interest, we are one of the last companies that offer a fully welted construction.

Our extensive range of leisure footwear is very popular with all our clients.

In addition to the manufacturing service, we also offer the full range of footwear repairs and adaptations to both our own and patients’ footwear.

A variety of raises are available in many different materials and colours. A huge range of coloured leather is kept in stock to match patients existing footwear wherever possible.

We guarantee delivery to a fit within 4 weeks (6 to a cast) for bespoke and modular footwear and also offer a 2 week turn around on all adaptations and repairs.

Please click on the images below to view our footwear catalogue:


Our fully equipped FFO department is capable of manufacturing all of the different insole types now used in the industry.


Our bespoke section uses the latest CAD/CAM technology for the design and manufacture of functional insoles.

Foot scans are loaded into the computer and the insole is designed on- screen to the client's exact specification.

The completed template is then sent to the computerised milling machine for the first stage of production.

Various density blocks are available, including twin density and oversize blocks for very large insoles.

Importantly, the completed template is saved, allowing us to repeat the exact prescription at a later date.

In addition to our EVA range we are also able to offer insoles made from plastic and carbon fibre

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of covering materials.
In addition to the bespoke product we also have our own range of adult and paediatric modular insoles.


These are ¾ length and are made from high density EVA

They have a thinly walled, deep heel cup for maximum control and compliance

They are available in neutral or pre-posted to a correction of 3° and 5° (medial rear foot).

Coloured Red (right) and Blue (left) for ease of patient use and are available in sizes19-20 through to 33-34

These have proved to be extremely popular with clinicians all over the Country, consignment stocks (available on request) of the pre-posted insoles are kept on site, allowing issue at first appointment.


These are available in low, mid and high density EVA

They are designed as low profile, neutral insoles that support all three arches of the foot:-

Medial Longitudinal Arch
Lateral Arch
Transverse Arch

They are very easily modified/posted and come in sizes from 1-2 through to 11-12.

Their low profile, highly efficient function, makes them the ideal insole for patients’ own footwear/sports shoes. Indeed our sister company Ace Feet in Motion supply these to the vast majority of the very high profile sporting contacts that they deal with.

This product is currently being developed to be available with various standard pre-posted options.


Our plastics section manufactures the complete range of orthoses utilising all of the modern materials available. Many different types and colours of plastics are kept in stock.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our plastic product.

We produce orthoses for many dedicated paediatric clinics and know it is essential that delivery is guaranteed.

We are able to guarantee a two week turn around on all of our plastic work. Indeed many of the clinics we supply now pre-book the supply of the goods at the first patient appointment.

Straps and padding can be tailored to personal requirements.


Our metal department manufactures the full range of devices.

We still provide the traditional below knee irons and callipers, that so many patients are still dependant upon.

However we also manufacture all of the modern metal orthoses such as cosmetic calipers and CCD braces.

We are again able to offer a two week turn around for this type of work

Our skilled technical work force are also qualified to manufacture HGO’s and RGO’s


Because of the very complex nature of this work, especially when linked to the work produced by the Metal section, our leather department finishes many of the orthoses by hand.

We are also able to offer block leather work if required.


Please add the following to - Product range includes:-

  • Fabric supports such as Lumbar and Thoracic supports
  • Made to measure Brassieres and Bra’ adaptations
  • Stock and bespoke leg and arm gaiters for both Adult and Paediatrics
  • Bespoke Hernia supports, often made to the orthotists design
  • Bespoke adaptations to ‘stock ‘ or ‘off the shelf’ products


Dacey Ltd has a very experienced, dedicated manufacturing team that are responsible for the running of all contracts.

Technical support personnel includes our Managing director, Bob Cooper, Paul Cooper the General Manager, our production/technical manager, Kerry Boulton and his deputy Gary Spackman and Laura Watts, our trade sales manager and clinic co-ordinator. As a group, we have vast knowledge and experience, gained over many years of employment within our industry.

Bob Cooper
Managing Director

Joined Dacey Ltd in 1992 to successfully achieve BS5750 accreditation for the company. After leaving college in 1982, having gained a degree in surveying, he set up and managed his own company. Became Managing Director of Dacey Ltd in 1996 and has overseen the growth of the company from 14 employees and a turnover of £300,000 in 1992. Also formed and is M.D. of Ace Orthotics Ltd, which now employs 14 staff.

Paul Cooper
General Manager

Joined Dacey Ltd in 2005 having gained a degree in Environmental Health. A Director of the Company, he is responsible for the day to day operations of the Company and all Health and Safety matters and also heads up the HR department.
Is also solely responsible for the stock product arm of the Company, Orthotix.

Laura Watts
Clinical Co-ordinator
Trade Sales Manager

Joined the company in September 1981 and has over 20 years experience in all aspects of the industry. Originally Head of Administration within Dacey, is now responsible for all clinical co-ordination and trade work matters. Laura is a fully qualified and practising Limited Orthotic Practitioner.

Kerry Boulton
Production Manager
Technical Manager

Kerry joined us in September 1999 from Fiona Footwear in Bridgend, where he was a footwear designer for Marks and Spencer. He now co-ordinates and controls all manufacture processes within the Company. He also heads the team that will provide all technical backup services

Gary Spackman
Deputy Production Manager

Joined the Company in August 2007, after having gained many years of experience running his own Company:- FootLogic.
Gary is also a clinical footwear specialist with many years of both manufacture and footwear fitting experience. Is very much involved with Kerry in running the production processes within the factory and is also responsible with Kerry for all technical support.

In addition to the team named above each Head of Department will be responsible, through Kerry and Gary, for any technical support that you may require in their particular field of speciality. Each has many years of experience within the orthotics industry and all control a team of equally well experienced technicians.

Heath Hannam
Factory Foreman
Ace Orthotics Ltd

Joined Dacey Ltd in September 1993 and was fully trained as a plastic technician. Then specialised in the manufacture of functional foot orthoses and on the formation of Ace Orthotics in 2001 took charge of all manufacturing processes for the Company. Heath now heads a team of seven technicians and is responsible for the use and application of our state of the art CAD CAM manufacturing system.

Anthony Harding
Head of Last Making

Joined in September 1983 and trained with many of the original workforce from the Prince of Wales workshops. Anthony is now responsible for running the footwear department. He is a last maker by trade and over the years has had a great deal of input into the design and manufacture of our stock and modular ranges of footwear.

Colin Brain
Head of Department
Metal Work

Joined the company in August 1993 after many years experience gained working for Remploy in their Aberdare factory. Colin is a head of a team of three responsible for the manufacture of all metalwork orthoses. He is also the only qualified technician in Wales allowed to manufacture the complex HGO and RGO braces and also contracture braces.

Jamie Rogers
Head of Footwear

Joined the company in April 1998 and was fully trained as a footwear technician. Became Head of Department over 5 years ago and now runs a team of 8 technicians. He has kept up to date with various innovations within the industry ensuring that the full range of footwear, including bespoke, modular and stock are manufactured in his department.

Bob Breed
Head of Department
Leather Work

Originally joined the company in the early 80s and trained as a leather worker with the staff from the Prince of Wales workshops. Left to join the local prosthetic workshops and rejoined Dacey Ltd in June 1987. He heads a team of three leather workers.

Barry Richards
Head of Department

Joined the company in July 2003 as a trainee and over the years has progressed his way to Head of Department and now runs a team of 5 technicians. He has kept up to date with various innovations within the industry ensuring that the full range of modern plastic orthoses are manufactured in his department. Barry is also a Key Worker Technician, capable of manufacturing Functional Footwear Orthoses.

Mary Robert
Head of Department
Supports & Bracing

Joined the company to head up our newly formed fabric support manufacturing centre in Merthyr in January 2001. Prior to this Mary ran the fabric support department at the Remploy factory in Aberdare. Mary is a limited orthotic practitioner and now runs a team of five technicians manufacturing a range of fabric garments, including abdominal supports, gaiters and made to measure brassieres.


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