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The vast experience we have gained working with the NHS since 1972, linked with our comprehensive manufacturing facility and our partnership with Ace Feet in Motion and Orthotix, make us unique in the market place.

All our orthotist are state registered and have vast experience from working within the NHS and private sector.

Orthoses can be used to help in the treatment of a variety of common conditions where joint support, protection and control of movement are required. Some of the more common conditions that are treated with orthoses include:-

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic Joint Injuries
  • Common Sporting Injuries.


In treating these conditions some of the orthoses available include:-

  • Off the shelf or custom made footwear and insoles
  • Lower limb joint supports
  • Upper limb joint supports
  • Drop foot splints
  • Spinal braces and corsets
  • Orthoses for the shoulder, head and neck

By utilising our private clinic, you will benefit from:

  • Assessment by a State Registered Orthotist/Podiatrist
  • Immediate Referral
  • Multi-Disciplinary approach
  • Treatment reports
  • The most up to date assessment techniques including digital foot scanning and video analysis
  • On site manufacturing facilities
  • Fast delivery times
  • Private Insurance registration (Orthotist and Podiatrist)
  • Ample free car parking


Following many sporting injuries a joint support is often prescribed by your clinician. The extensive knowledge of our orthotists gained from working for many years in the NHS and private sector, linked with our product portfolio enables us to provide a specialist sports bracing service.

All our orthotists are state registered and trained and experienced in treating all types of sporting injuries where joint support, protection and control of movement are required. We are able to prescribe the most appropriate orthosis for your condition. We use the most up to date assessment techniques including digital gait and video analysis at our custom built facility.

Some of the common injuries we treat with orthoses are:-

  • Foot and Ankle injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsal Fracture, Neuroma, Ligament sprains, shin splints and Achilles tendonopathies.
  • Knee injuries such as ligament ruptures and tears resulting from skiing, motor biking, rugby, football and any other sporting activity.
  • Lower back problems such as a Sciatica, lumbago and slipped disc.
  • Hernias.
  • Shoulder dislocations or subluxations.
  • Elbow conditions such Tennis elbow, golfers elbow and traumatic dislocations.
  • Wrist and hand conditions such as Carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, fractures, tendonitis and thumb dislocations or subluxations.

Common orthoses we prescribe for treating the conditions above include:

  • Soft or rigid ankle supports.
  • Rigid knee orthoses to support ligament injuries resulting from skiing etc.
  • Lower back supports.
  • Soft/fabric supports for all joints.
  • Upper limb, shoulder and neck supports.
  • Functional insoles- see Ace Feet in Motion.

In conjunction with our subsidiary company Ace Feet in Motion, we are able to offer a specialist sports clinic. Use of computerised pressure plate scanning equipment and same day manufacture and issue of orthotics, ensure a service second to none.

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SAFO (Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis) A superior alternative

When lacking mobility in your foot, walking with a balanced gait without tripping can prove difficult. The problem, often known as 'drop foot', affects around one in a hundred people, and can arise from accidents and a variety of medical conditions.

With a SAFO (Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis) – a worldwide patented range from Dorset Orthopaedic – you can now free yourself from troublesome walking difficulties.
The SAFO works by supporting the front of your leg down to the top of your foot. This helps you lift your foot while your leg swings during walking.

An attractive and comfortable alternative to rigid traditional AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthoses), the SAFO will improve your balance, correct your walking, stop you tripping, and give you a newfound sense of confidence and freedom.

Find your perfect fit

SAFO is available for adults and children alike. Once we have discussed your needs and expectations during an initial consultation, we will take a plaster-cast mould. Next, we will use the measurements from this to create your bespoke SAFO. This will ensure your SAFO is as comfortable as possible.

We can customise the look of your SAFO to your exact wishes. As the product features cosmetically attractive silicone cosmesis, the SAFO isn't just more comfortable than traditional rigid solutions. It also allows us to tailor the product to your individual skin tone or choice of colours.

The SAFO product range

Our standard SAFO product comes with a choice of seven skin tones.
We can also customise them to include designs, logos and bright colours.

The SAFO Walk is available in a choice of three skin tones, solid colours, and easy-to-use external Velcro straps.

Take the step

To find out more about how a SAFO from Dacey Orthotic Services can help you live life without limits

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